Before You

Checklist Before Abortion.

Sometimes you don’t need an abortion – you need different medical care. Abortions are costly and do not always address your needs.

What to

Here are some important things to know before you consider an abortion:

Make sure you’re really pregnant.

Missed periods and pregnancy symptoms can happen for many reasons. If you’re not pregnant but you’ve missed periods, you may need different medical care.


Is your pregnancy in the right place?

Sometimes a pregnancy can begin to grow outside of your uterus (also called an ectopic pregnancy). This can become a life-threatening emergency if not diagnosed properly and you need different medical care.


Is your pregnancy progressing as expected (also known as viability)?

If it is not, a miscarriage may be happening and you need different medical care.


Do you know exactly how far along you are?

This will determine what options are available to you, so it’s important to know before you make your decision.


Do you know what your rights are?

There are important things for you to know to protect yourself surrounding any medical procedure and abortion is no different. A Door of Hope can give you the information you need to empower you to be your own best health advocate.

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A Door of Hope offers lab quality pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and abortion education so you can know for sure. All of our services are free of charge.

For some women, past abortions can have an emotional and spiritual impact. If you would like to talk to someone about our Post-Abortion Recovery Bible Study, call our Wilmington Center during office hours at 302-998-9000.