Delaware Social Services

Applying for Medicaid Delaware Social Services (DSS) has units throughout the state that determine eligibility for Delaware’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program. ASSIST includes programs such as Food Stamps, Child Care and Medicaid programs.

  • Apply online for assistance & benefits.
  • Apply in person at one of the Delaware State Service Center Locations.
  • No insurance? See list of providers that may offer a sliding scale fee.
  • Medicaid – OB Practices that may accept new Medicaid patients.
  • Delaware Health Care Connection The Health Care Connection (HCC) ensures access by uninsured individuals to primary care doctors, medical specialists, health promotion and disease prevention services; and helps with access to other health resources—including prescription programs, and laboratory and radiology services. HCC program staff are available to assist individuals with establishing a health care home, scheduling appointments, and Pregnancy-Healthcare-Resources removing barriers to obtaining healthcare and health promotion services To inquire about membership or eligibility, please call 2-1-1 or email the program. 

Pregnancy Health

Children & Families First 302-604-6301 or 800-220-3092 – Expecting or new mothers get the support needed to stay healthy from pregnancy to birth and beyond, nurture your child’s development, and achieve your personal and parenting goals

Healthy Women, Healthy Babies A program for women who are Delaware residents. It facilitates extra services for women who are pregnant, planning to be pregnant or who just want to live healthier lives. These include personal health and wellness, nutrition, family planning, mental health, and prenatal care if you get pregnant.

Doctors who Provide OB/Pregnancy Care –



Tiny Steps Program at St. Francis Hospital Tiny Steps offers complete prenatal and maternity care regardless of financial circumstances.

  • Pre-pregnancy planning
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Complete prenatal care
  • The same physician for nearly all your prenatal visits
  • 24-hour emergency care
  • Access to the Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby Program
  • Childbirth classes
  • Delivery at Saint Francis Hospital
  • Care in the hospital and post-delivery for your baby
  • Care of infant/child and immunization
  • Laboratory services
  • Financial aid
  • Bilingual patient education on pregnancy, childhood development and care, safety, parenting and nutrition
  • Help accessing necessary services and resources available throughout the community
  • In-office testing for anemia, hyperbilirubinemia, and other common medical problems

Maternal Fetal ServicesMaternal-fetal medicine physicians step in to help monitor the health of both the child and mother and reduce any risk factors the pregnancy may be exposed to.

Childbirth and Breastfeeding classes – Saint Francis Hospital’s childbirth and breastfeeding classes coach expectant mothers on what to expect during pregnancy and labor as well as advice on how to care for their newborn

St. Francis OB/GYN Doctors Office Location

Want a print out of all of the pregnancy healthcare resources? Click here