Abortion seemed the logical answer.

It was spring when she made an appointment for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. She was so scared; there were so many health problems not to mention that she felt horrible due to the physical complications. After the appointment, I sometimes have a feeling of which way the client is leaning; carry, abortion or undecided, but not this time.

When we speak to someone who is considering abortion, we tell them the truth in love.  It is not about scaring them; it is about loving and empowering them. Giving them the facts and telling them about God’s love.  It’s not always easy for them to hear.

Spring turned into summer and I prayed that she considered the things we had discussed. Finally, after months of silence, I reached her. Truly, I did not know what to expect.

She told me that she had miscarried.

“What you told me was so true: God does everything for a reason,” Autumn said.

Even though she was feeling terrible, she had started to fall in love with the baby after her visit to ADOH and decided to keep the pregnancy.

Because she felt so badly during pregnancy, she decided to see the doctor. They discovered fibroids and a dangerous blood clot.

“I was sad about losing the baby, but that if it were not for the pregnancy I would not have seen the doctor, he would not have found the blood clot, and I would have been in danger.”

She thanked me several times for “being obedient to God” to tell her the truth, to encourage her, and to pray for her.

Autumn said, “I have told everyone about you!”… How we were there for her, and how we gave her just the right words that she needed to hear.

Thank you God, for Your mysterious ways and for opening the eyes of this daughter.

He is so good – the encouragement I gave to her has returned to me. I was so thankful for the phone call.

The Lord reminded me that He is always good, even when it does not look good to me; He has a reason for everything He does. This call was His way of whispering,

“I love you too, my child. I see you. You can trust Me for the results.”